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Landscaping 101- The Ultimate Guide for Beginners Tired of admiring your neighbors’ yards because they look better that yours? The following is the ultimate guide for beginners, call it landscaping 101. How to plan your landscape Just like in other projects planning precede everything else when it comes to landscaping. This is after you put in mind your specific yard, your needs and requirements and the amount you are willing to spend. These are some of the things that need to be considered in your plan. It is good to have your budget well planned out to sustain your landscaping project, it is recommended spending 5 to 15 percent of your home’s value on landscaping.
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Different yards are suitable with a specific landscaping plan as opposed to a general plan, you need to carefully evaluate your yard, or give it some time in the case you have moved into a new house. That is why it is important you take some time before undertaking landscaping in the new house you move into. Whether you want to include a plant garden, fire pit, play area or trees, you need to write it in your plan.
A 10-Point Plan for Landscaping (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Peruse through magazines or websites that feature home and gardens. Make a point of looking at some few ideas that can help out in your plan. It is recommended you hire a landscaping professional to help out. He can either do the planning or implement the plan you come up with. Sketching up your plan is the next step- this is after you have the plan in order. Sketch the trees, flowers, plants, pathways and the structures. Number them in terms of priority, the more important ones needs to be first. Setting the structures and hardscape On creating your structures you need to take several things into consideration. Number one consideration is privacy where you need to decide on the fences or shrubs and trees. If you want to create privacy with the trees or shrubs then you need to prioritize planting trees. If it’s the latter then planting trees should be your priority. Compare the cost of wood, metal, plastic or composite fencing. You will need to build trellises and start vines for the creeping vines. The hardscape on the other hand are the hard landscape materials which are added into the landscape. Examples of these are the paved areas, driveways and retaining walls. You need to pave areas you want paths. You need to plan for retaining walls where your landscape includes hills or uneven ground. Planting The last step is on the actual planting. Pay important consideration to the soil and where necessary add some compost. Carefully select the plants and consider plants like native grasses, wildflowers, succulents or other drought-resistant plants. These will end up saving your money. You should buy smaller plants and allow them to grow rather than buying full-sized ones.

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