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Broadcasting network is expected to usher in the history of the most luxurious lineup to the stars invitation Li Zhiqiang, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau in the investment promotion meeting speech Nandu’s annual Guangzhou the most fiery tennis Carnival in turn struck, and this year both players from the team competition, or competition will give fans in Guangdong bring not the same surprise! Yesterday afternoon, 2015 tennis Guangzhou International Women’s open investment promotion will be held in Guangzhou the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, leadership of the State Sports Administration of tennis management center competition, deputy director of the Department of Liang Mr., Guangzhou Sports Bureau deputy director Li Zhiqiang, Southern Metropolis Daily, executive deputy general manager Li Wenkai Mr. and Guangzhou Anxun sports director Yao Zhenyan Mr. respect attended seminar, extensive network of the organizing committee to attend a meeting the leader, corporate guests and the media are introduced for this year’s tournament preparations and Sponsorship Scheme. Guangzhou International Women’s tennis tournament is W  T  A international class hard tennis tournament, is China’s oldest WT  one of the A tennis tournament, this year’s tournament will be held in Olympic Center Tennis Court held in Guangdong on September. In the past 11 years, wide network has been to the "cradle of Champions" and celebrated, born like Li Na [microblogging] so that in the future the great champions, but also ushered in a like Azarenka [microblogging] so of young players in the future popular tennis. And 2015 wide network the biggest bright spot is invited a number of today’s tennis the best and most popular player, usher in tournament history 12 years to the most luxurious, the team line-up. According to the organizing committee revealed that the current wide net and including Covey Tova [microblogging], Hingis, Jankovic, Mirza, and many other world top players have entered the contract process, is expected to complete the final contract with these players in the next week. In addition to the extensive network of players, invite other outstanding players will continue, in 2015 the doomed star studded broadcasting network. In addition, this year the venue will be temporarily relocated to Guangdong Olympic Sports Center Tennis court. The Olympic Tennis Center in Tianhe District, was the Guangzhou Asian Games venues. At the same time, the organizing committee will also as following to outside the stadium carefully prepared Carnival tennis carnival, for the fans inside and outside the stadium are showing the best spectator experience. Sponsor system is divided into 2015 levels of four Canton network investment officially started with the convening of the investment promotion conference yesterday, the 2015 wide network of merchants also officially launched. To the State Council promulgated the "on accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption of a number of opinions", the sports industry rose to the national strategic level. Guangzhou International Women’s Tennis Open was founded in 2004, is one of China’s earliest international tennis tournament. As a permanent landing of international sports events, Guangzhou is also a wide network of key projects in the past year. Since the beginning of 2013, the network began to play social games, the value of the network to get into a wide network development. Over the past two years, the event has received a total of more than 20 business partners to support, including some of the international brands have always valued the tennis tournament. Relying on a strong Nandu all media clusters, as well as Jun

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