the acne will reduce or disappear. Have a certain therapeutic effect on the freckles and dry skin.

winter a lot of women are afraid of the cold, cold hands and feet, at this point, you can drink hot ginger water, can strengthen the blood circulation, improve the chills physique. Have the symptoms of dysmenorrhea women, premenstrual and menstrual drink hot ginger water, also can warm the uterus and alleviate dysmenorrhea.

in addition, hot ginger water also help prevent a cold, migraine, oral ulcers and other problems, women need to learn the proper use of, not only for himself but also for family members, and build a healthy barrier.

hot ginger water can sweat warm

after winter, "row of cold" movement is at the time. Many physical deficiency women, began to appear the symptoms of cold hands and feet, do not want to do "tip of beauty", might as well use ginger to warm up the cold discharge.

moderate edible ginger, helps to promote blood circulation, can warm the stomach for dispelling cold, go to the pathogenic wind, cold stomach, invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation, and by the temperature to cold, activating blood. The addition of ginger, red dates, angelica and other ingredients, but also help women physical conditioning effect, to resist the cold of winter.

Angelica ginger drink

ginger, angelica, astragalus root and cassia twig, a small fire simmered to deep brown, flameout cool can drink.

of Angelica of warm, can improve the blood circulation to regulate menstruation pain, asthenia of Qi and blood boiling, together with Nuanwei, nourishing and soothing ginger, for regulating qi and blood weak, Yang deficiency effect is significant. However, not suitable for people with autoimmune diseases, or inflammation of the human body is. If you have a sore throat, have a fever, gastroenteritis, diarrhea and so on, should be prohibited.

1 a bowl of hot ginger water treatment of 7 kinds of common diseases

cold feet in hot ginger water, water to dip to ankle bone as appropriate. When immersing in hot ginger water add some salt, vinegar, and continue to add hot water, soak the foot red date. Significant to chill cold, headache, cough, treatment effect.


migraine migraine attack, available hot ginger water soaked hands. About for 15 minutes, the pain will be reduced, or even disappear.

acne with warm ginger water wash your face, early, late each 1, lasted about 60 days or so, the acne will reduce or disappear. Have a certain therapeutic effect on the freckles and dry skin.

lumbar shoulder pain in Riga hot ginger water a little salt and vinegar, wring towel soaking dry, apply to affected area, repeated several times. Can make muscles by Zhang Bianchi, Shujinhuoxue, can greatly ease the pain.

feet soak the feet in hot ginger water, soaking time, add some salt and vinegar, soak 15 minutes, wipe dry, rub some talcum powder, the smell can be removed.

Periodontitis, dental caries and oral ulcer

oral problems, with hot ginger water instead of tea mouthwash, daily early, late each 1 times, and the daily tea drinking several times, can protect teeth, reduce the ulcer surface. If the throat itching, available hot ginger tea drinking water with a pinch of salt.

dandruff with ginger hair gently scrub, and then re-use hot ginger water wash the hair, can effectively prevent dandruff.

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