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How To Carry Out Pressure Cleaning Properly One very popular and effective method to clean hard surfaces similar to brick, asphalt, concrete and stone is pressure cleaning. In case that the concrete sealing is on cards, then it is necessary that you thoroughly clean the concrete surface since unclean surface could spoil the sealed layer. There are some important things that should be checked while the surfaces are pressured cleaned before sealing the concrete. Condition of the equipment – with pressure washing, the equipment’s condition is one important thing to be considered. Because of the reason that different surfaces are requiring different levels of pressure, it is vital to control the volume, velocity and pressure of water through the nozzle in an effort to thoroughly clean the surfaces. Choose the right accessories – the pressure of the water varies on the surface that has to be cleaned. Having said that, before you start working on pressure cleaning, make a list of all the surfaces that you want to be cleaned and see if the equipment has the right nozzles for the job. Using the wrong nozzles and water pressure can potentially damage the surface so be careful.
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Unclogging drains – pressure cleaning is using big volumes of water. There are at least 4 to 5 gallons of water flow from the nozzle every minute. The water outlet system or draining system has to be cleaned to simplify the cleaning process. Big amount of logged water at clogged drains are both troublesome and wastes precious amount of time.
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Preparing the surface – you need to prepare the surface that you are about to clean. Be sure that all the debris are cleared, the cars are removed, pots as well as other ornamental articles in it if you are cleaning the driveway. As what said earlier, the high pressure of water can damage these sorts of things. Not only that, if there are many other objects present on the driveway, it may make the cleaning to be more difficult. Be sure that the windows and the doors are shut tightly so water won’t enter the house if you are cleaning the walls. Pre-treating stains – there are several stains similar to grease and oil stains that are so stubborn. These types of stain have to be pre-treated with a stain removing solution or a muriatic acid. Despite the fact that water blasting is removing most of these stains, doing a pre-treatment is essential in some instances. Be sure that you apply the solution several hours before you do pressure cleaning so you won’t have to spend more time on areas with stains. It is best that you wear some protective gears for your own safety.

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