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What to Consider When Hiring a Janitorial Staff There are a lot of things to consider when using a cleaning janitorial service and one of them is understanding what the scope of their services are. Specific terms should be laid out so you know what to expect from them and vice versa. You have to set boundaries to what they can and cannot do so both parties will be clear on that matter. Janitorial services usually include the following: Keeping everything clean:
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Number one in this list is, as expected, cleaning the day-to-day mess in the office. Office employees do not typically take on the responsibility of doing heavy-duty cleaning so this is passed on to the janitorial personnel. Responsibilities of your soon-to-be cleaning janitorial staff may include keeping the floors clean by sweeping/vacuuming and mopping, trash disposal, maintenance of restrooms, and cleaning of glasses among others. Remember, a clean office is essential to the productivity of the employees.
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Overall Maintenance: Cleaning is not the sole responsibility of janitors as their duties normally include making sure that the stocks in the bathroom are always replenished and in some instances, making minor repairs to ventilation or plumbing. But don’t expect them to do heavy-duty plumbing work, as this is out of the scope of their responsibilities. Some agencies will be able to send in a plumber or other handyman to your building so check with your agency first. If your contract states that the janitorial staff will also do basic plumbing and others, then great, but if not, you can still save a considerable amount of money by contacting their agency instead of looking for another agency. Security Services: While patrolling the building and keeping an eye of the surveillance system are not part of the job description, janitors usually do things to secure the building. To explain, janitors usually expected to clean up after office hours. So this puts them in a position where they have to do additional tasks such as locking up the windows and doors, turning off the lights, and others. Tending to Plants and Lawn: Plants, ground, and lawn are usually included in the to-do list of the cleaning staff. Their work may extend to the outer perimeters where they are required to clean debris, shovel snow, or mow the lawns. Other Maintenance Duties: There are other duties the janitorial staff may have to perform, even if they are not standard in the industry, such as repainting which may or may not be included in the contract. Looking for a good janitorial staff or agency is not easy and you shouldn’t skimp on effort because their importance is comparative to that of your office workers. The company’s success relies on everyone working for you and when I say everyone, that means every soul that works hard for your company, even if their duties may seem small.

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