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Maintenance Tips For Your Lawn Sprinkler It is much easier now to make your lawn to stay green and healthy by using automatic lawn sprinkler system. However, if you do not carry out routine maintenance and watch water usage, you may potentially end up paying big sum of money on bills and repairs due to waste of resources. The degree to which you’re using the sprinkler will vary depending on the season. You must be aware of the efficiency and functionality of your sprinkler. In this modern world, there actually many types of irrigation systems that are available. Depending on the design and size, yours might need additional care for it to work the way it supposed to be. However, the suggestions that you are going to read in this article work on all systems. Make use of this general maintenance guide in an effort to keep your sprinkler system to work properly. Tip number 1. Water production – the first thing that you need to do is finding out how long does it take for your sprinkler to produce inch of water. This information could be obtained by making use of watering gauge or perhaps, by placing empty tuna can under a stream of water. Basically, this information would function as a baseline that in turn can help you anticipate the possible irrigation cots for the month. Aside from that, it helps in revealing standard amount of water that’s used in allotted time. By being able to identify normal functions, you can notice when something isn’t properly working.
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Tip number 2. Watering schedule – your watering schedule will be adjusted according to the season you have. In addition to that, different zones of your lawn contain different types of plants and have to be adjusted and tailored accordingly. You can hire a serviceman to work on these settings if you aren’t that confident or you might set and monitor the water output yourself by making use of weekly watering number for every section.
Case Study: My Experience With Landscaping
Tip number 3. Regular inspection – inspect the overall watering system on a regular basis to be able to identify leaks that’ll lead you to misdirected heads and broken lines. You need to carry out visual assessment, check for wet sidewalks and pools of water. Both the misdirected water and broken lines may cost you much cash so it is ideal if you will take some time even at least once a month to see that you have efficient water usage. Assessing your in-ground lawn sprinkler system is a must to see damage and leaks to ensure that it is functioning properly. As soon as you found something that wasn’t right, do the necessary replacement or repairs before things become more expensive issues.

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