the malignant tumor in women second.

            gently touch

OK, now the two body like dough like, have been "flour and water" stage, into a group of high plasticity dough. Want to get good taste, it is necessary to have the skills to knead the dough. You can from his "secondary sensitive zone" to start, like the ear, neck; then gradually moved to the super sensitive zone, like the inner thighs, more gentle feel, he will be more and more touching. Of course, you can have him on your act in collusion with each other with a sexy, enjoy the "dough" fun.

            speak sugared words.

love never too much. Both men and women hope encouraged, so do not mean to say some speak sugared words, each other but will be wild with joy because of it! In addition to "hello" rod "you’re OK" these specific praise, if you can’t find what the appropriate word, called customers make room more be full of sound and colour, R — O — O — M (oh oh oh well), ensure that good man attack hits

, bang bang!

let her feel that you really love her.

went to bed, just want to work man, really is a live impatient. If he is so strong, don’t let him succeed, want some games to play with him! To eat dinner before, first on the dessert. Smeared in some honey syrup, give him some "sweetness" taste! Or should he help you comb your hair. Play "in the bag" of the game, using your tongue to find each other on the mole……. The parties to explore each other’s bodies, the intimate relationship between the warm for two people.

each other mix.

wants more feeling, in addition to hand, also can use other parts of body can! Say you can come to play together and cling to each other and he, or kiss! Put your tongue into his mouth (also want him to follow suit, this) but will let each other a lotto cool. At this time if the two sides again how hungry, you do not hurry to catch him in the hole! This time, extremely eager to mood, enough to make a woman of stalactites drip!


a whole body through the

want to eat bread now? It’s too early. Or give the dough is coated with a layer of egg! To his body thoroughly scrub back and forth again to you with my tongue. Some people are very sensitive to the senses, gently touched the ears, toes or fingers, feeling very want to let ! "

here at the "2005 International Breast Cancer Conference", the famous oncologist, Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin Medical University professor Li Shuling said, not only endanger the lives of patients with breast cancer, but also can cause a female sexual organ damage is a kind of malignant tumor of serious harm to women’s physical and mental health, but also one of the recent increase in the incidence of the fastest malignant tumor.

China now has about more than 12 breast cancer patients, is currently composed of low to high, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other cities in 20 years, the incidence of breast cancer increased by 37%, the malignant tumor in women second.

professor Li Shuling said that breast cancer is more occurrence of hematogenous metastasis of the malignant tumor, can cure depends mainly on early check out the primary cancer and treated with comprehensive treatment, control blood metastasis. Breast cancer hematogenous metastasis in early primary cancer is still small period can occur.

modern biomedical observation, breast cancer from a single cancer cell proliferation to form small lump clinical can hit the 1cm, about 30 – 40 times multiplication, the students for at least more than 3 years, has been difficult to ensure that no transfer. Early breast cancer including does not touch the masses a cancer and micro carcinoma (diameter 0.5cm). Early breast cancer is rarely associated with hematogenous metastasis, the comprehensive treatment after 5 year survival rate was more than 90%.

Professor Lee believes that a slow onset of breast cancer early diagnosis, provides the opportunity is rare find for early breast cancer. To find cancer early, the first to popularize and improve the early diagnosis of women’s consciousness, regular self-examination of breast.

women from the age of 20, monthly breast self-examination first, make a breast examination every 3 years to the hospital; 40 years of age or older, every 1-2 years should be a mammography examination, found that the problem timely treatment.


should pay attention to some of the slightly abnormal breast. Nipple discharge, localized thickening of mammary gland, nipple erosion, nipple retraction, mild edema, breast areola local skin mild depression and postmenopausal breast pain and so on; the other side breast cancer after breast cancer, on the side of the opportunity to increase relatively, should do regular breast X-ray examination.

(Editor: Teng Xiaolan editorial Intern He Lili)

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