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[introduction: the latest domestic and breast cancer statistics, new cases of breast cancer each year nearly 7000 people, including in situ carcinoma accounted for 660 people, the other for invasive carcinoma. The annual increase in breast cancer patients with the scale of 7%, Taiwan ranked first female cancer incidence, mortality fourth.

six kinds of behavior of

increases the risk of breast cancer

long term female hormone stimulation is easy to breast cancer

what people get breast cancer? The expert points out, "the female hormone" is the largest one of the key, if the long-term by the female hormone estrogen stimulation, that is, relatively easy to get breast cancer. As ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer patients, are all related to the female hormone, and be easy to breast cancer. The past menopause women in order to alleviate the discomfort, will complement the female hormones, the results found that long-term use, not only can stimulate female hormone, may also increase the risk of breast cancer.

breast cancer of young love to eat high calorie food is the promoter of

Taiwan breast cancer patients about half occurred in premenopausal and USA, just the opposite, 2/3 occurs in postmenopausal. Director, Taipei branch of General Surgery & breast surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is Taiwan breast Medical Association director Chen Xunche explained, the average age of breast cancer patient should be getting old, Taiwan also have this tendency, but the younger breast cancer probability is still more than USA high. Taiwan breast cancer patients, less than 40 years old accounted for about 15%, less than 50 years old accounted for 50%.

postmenopausal fat breast cancer risk increased 1.5 times

Experimental report of

large-scale found, women after menopause, as long as the weight gain of 10%, breast cancer risk rose 1.5 times. The reason is that obesity causes high fat, makes a lot of estrogen accumulation in fat. Doctors also advise postmenopausal women, diet should pay attention to the content of fat, reduce the intake of high fat, high calorie foods, these foods may accumulate high levels of estrogen, and increase the incidence of breast cancer.

night owls rest is not normal probability of cancer and high

widely rumored, stay up late will increase the risk of breast cancer. Experts say, the lifestyle is not normal, upside down day and night, can lead to decreased immunity, increasing the risk of any cancer. An example of breast cancer research, found that female flight attendants, the rest is not normal, plus at high altitude may be exposed to radiation, a relatively high probability of cancer.

plastic product full life beware of environmental hormone induced breast cancer

recently some studies find, Taiwanese love the use of plastic, but plastic product release of environmental hormones may increase breast cancer risk. As the use of plastic bag full of hot soup, the diet eat chemical molecules in the plastic hot, may become the female hormone, induced breast cancer.

some people worry that the halogen lamp, electromagnetic wave bedside audio, charger, will not release harmful substances, increasing the risk of breast cancer, there is no literature report confirmed carcinogenic.


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