the young women’s breast cancer is very difficult to detect breast X-ray photograph.

breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumor in women, according to statistics, the incidence rate of malignant tumor of systemic 7-10%. Its incidence is often associated with heredity, and before and after menopause, 40 to 60 year old women with high incidence. Only about 1-2%’s breast patients are male. Usually occurs in the mammary gland epithelial tissues of malignant tumor. Is one of the serious impact on women’s health and even life threatening the most common malignant tumor.

30 years old -39 years old women are prone to breast fibrocystic changes

breast disease is not common. The National Cancer Institute pointed out: 30 to 39 years old the incidence of breast cancer is only 1/229. Unless there is a family history, age 30 to 39 year old women do not need mammograms. In fact, the young women’s breast cancer is very difficult to detect breast X-ray photograph.

30 years old to 39 year old women should reflect the long-term breast changes or pain to the doctor. Young women’s breast pain is benign, but breast cancer may also occur in young women. 30 -39 years of age, women breast problems were benign (non cancerous). But the young women generally have fibrocystic breast disease, breast pain, cyst and to non cancer mass characteristics.

away from caffeine can relieve breast pain

gynecologic experts said, "breast pain may be cyclical, it can happen with the menstrual period, can also be persistent pain". Expert proposal female "caffeine". If it is in pain, can be cured by surgical removal of a breast fibroadenoma.

worry about sagging breasts? During childbirth, lactation can prevent breast cancer. Experts believe that breastfeeding does not cause breast tissue atrophy. On the contrary, the expansion of the breast during lactation can stretch the skin of the breast.

how to prevent breast cancer?

1, more intake of food rich in cellulose

The increase of

in obesity and weight are likely to lead to breast cancer. Usually should be less intake of animal fat, more absorption of fibrous food, vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes, thereby reducing can cause breast cancer of estrogen in the body, reducing the incidence of breast cancer.

2, form the good habit of


according to the medical experts to statistics, the frequent movement of women and risk of breast cancer than women with low 30% movement. Do more exercise is not only good for health, but also the prevention of the occurrence of breast cancer.

3, regular breast examinations

at the age of 20-40 years old women, should be in the monthly period after a week to do a breast self exam; every 2 years, by the professional doctors do a clinical examination or breast photography.

, the age is in 40-49 year old women, in addition to regular monthly breast self do, once a year the better professional breast examination.

age in women over 50 years of age, should have regular monthly >

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