then holds the breast outside to inside push

breast is one of the fastest growing parts of the body aging. British researchers pointed out that the female breast, aging from the age of 35, at the breast fullness decline, prevention of female breast aging, should be the sooner the better.

level measures: bra

choose the fit of the bra adult breast, with little change, but still because of diet, physical conditions (such as the menstrual period, pregnancy) and change. Should be concerned about their breast changes, choose the fit of the bra. Wear tight underwear over 18 hours, will also affect the detoxification function of axillary lymph nodes, adverse to health.


method: at the same time with different cup bra, breast changes in, wearing the right bra (fitted bra will not fall into the shoulder or chest marks). Home releasable chest massage, and axillary lymph node.

level two measures:

rest time

normal work and rest in addition to the body’s natural aging, stay up late, life is not the law will also affect the The new supersedes the old. and blood circulation, but also lead to hormonal chaos, breast health effects.


method: what time to sleep, what time to get up, form a habit, and long-term adherence.

level three measures: standing, sitting

to develop good standing, sitting chest breast damage, because it suppresses the growth of breast tissue, occupy its living space, easily lead to breast ptosis.


method: at any moment to keep correct sitting and standing, must strut.

level four measures: diet

breast Sibu eat more foods high in protein, preferably with the breast and breast massage, long-term adherence, will become more and more strong.


method: fish, meat, milk and other foods rich in protein, belongs to the healthy chest jiapin. Eat more foods high in protein, preferably with the breast massage, and long-term adherence.

level five measures: motion

breast movement of moderate exercise chest muscle, breast adipose tissue through the rational exercise of one part into muscle, so that the breast line becomes more pretty.


method: simple breast motion is folded hands, slowly lift, hold for 10 seconds, then slowly falling to his chest. This repeated 5~10 times, up and down movement, can make the breast muscles lift.

reminds: exercise should wear a sports bra, so that it can effectively protect the breast, so as not to be strained in strenuous exercise.

level six measures: massage

often massage by massage can relieve breast tension, so that the breast more plump, and effectively avoid the skin relaxation.


method: below with palms interactive push up the breast, gently lift, then holds the breast outside to inside push, can prevent breast sagging and external expansion.

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