thereby reducing the radioactive substances accumulate in the human body

, also known as kombu kelp, blade like broadband, tip gradually narrow, the length of 2 ~ 4 meters, width of 20 ~ 30 cm (at the bottom of the sea kelp smaller growth, long 1 ~ 2 meters, width of 15 ~ 20 cm). Leaf margin kelp thin soft, wavy folds, leaf base for short columnar petiole and holdfast (Jia Gen) is connected, Tongti olive brown after drying, dark brown, dark brown, with white powder. Kelp known as "longevity food", "sea vegetables", "iodine champion" reputation, from the nutritional value, is a kind of health care food.

Kelp nutrition value analysis of

kelp is rich in carbohydrates, less protein and fat.

Compared to

, kelp and spinach, rape, in addition to containing vitamin C, the content of crude protein, sugar, calcium and iron were higher than several to several dozen times.

kelp is a high iodine content of algae. Kelp iodine content of 3% ~ 5%, up to 7% ~ 10% more.

on the disease and the health effects of

Frost like powder – mannitol often attached

kelp, it is a kind of precious medicinal material. Modern scientific research proof, mannitol can lower blood pressure, diuresis and detumescence role.

kelp contains a lot of EPA polyunsaturated fatty acids, can cause the blood viscosity, reduce vascular sclerosis. Therefore, often eat kelp can prevent cardiovascular disease.

iodine in kelp is rich, it is the main raw material in the synthesis of thyroid hormone, and the luster of the hair is due to thyroid hormones play a role in vivo and the formation of. Iodine can stimulate the pituitary gland to enable women to reduce the level of estrogen, the normal functional recovery of the ovary, correct the endocrine disorders, eliminate the hidden danger of mammary gland hyperplasia.

Radioactive substances

kelp contains can promote the body excreted along with feces, thereby reducing the radioactive substances accumulate in the human body, but also reduce the incidence of radiation sickness.

kelp is rich in calcium, can prevent the body calcium deficiency.

"compendium of Materia Medica" records: "kelp can cure gall disease (i.e. goiter) and other edema disease, phlegm, Sanjie function." In recent years, scientists have been found to have effects on the prevention and treatment of cancer often eat kelp.

Fucoidin from Laminaria

containing 60%, is an excellent food fiber, diabetic patients after eating, can delay gastric emptying and small intestinal food through time, so, even in the insulin secretion reduced circumstances, blood sugar levels are not increased, and achieve the purpose of treating diabetes.

(editorial Intern: Kwong Yanming)

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