these are conducive to the prevention of breast cancer.

Chinese medical oncology branch honorary director Xu Guangwei know that breast cancer prevention should start from birth, there are so few. But this denial of breast cancer lines, indeed the from birth to build. Then, breast cancer defense life plan how to develop


infants and young children avoid fat: maybe someone think, prevention of breast cancer should be started from birth, is a bit sensational. In fact it is not. This is because, breast cancer is a kind of relationship between cancer and obesity greatly, risk of obesity in postmenopausal women get breast cancer than thin people a lot more. While the adult body fat cell number is generally constant, just before five or six years of age in infants, will the proliferation. If this stage does not pay attention to control weight, absorb excess nutrients, bound for the stout body sowed the seeds of future.

childhood nutrition should not be looked at KFC, excess: hamburgers, ice cream, chocolate and other high fat, low fiber Food, few children can not seduced by the. This not only makes the now "small fat mound" more and more, but also directly caused the age of menarche for girls from 50 years ago the average age was 15 to the current 13 years old of the following.

Shanghai recent survey of more than 10 women found, age at menarche and breast cancer is closely related to early. Therefore, children develop good eating habits is very important, must eat less fat, especially saturated fatty acids, eat more vegetables, soybean, beta carotene etc..

Increase in outdoor sports activities

adolescence: a large-scale population data American, Canada and other countries found, the sun of great help to the prevention of breast cancer; in addition, the increase of physical exercise can regulate the menstrual cycle, changes of ovarian hormone production, and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Adolescent women should be more outdoor activities, more than the sun. In addition to the daily school should try to ride a bike or walk, to contact more sunlight outside, should also adhere to the 2 to 3 times a week for outdoor sports, 2 hours each time. At least 4 hours of physical activity, continued for more than 12 years, breast cancer is much less.

Follow the rules of marriage and childbearing adolescent

are: a large number of research data shows, late age at first birth, breastfeeding is a risk factor for breast cancer. So, women into the years of marriage, must follow the "mandate of heaven", timely marriage, parenthood, postpartum breastfeeding, these are conducive to the prevention of breast cancer.

middle age concern breast more than the "crow’s feet": Chinese women over the age of 35 entered the incidence of breast cancer; 45 – 54 years old, went to the peak, so at this stage, women must have such as "caring fishtail lines generally concerned about their breast".

first, should actively participate in the science of the breast cancer screening, in order to once the cancer early detection.

second, avoid fat intake in overweight, adhere to scientific and rational diet, avoid high fat and low fiber diet, maintain a moderate physical activity. Notice fat age sooner, the greater the risk of breast cancer. At the same time, always pay attention to the waist and >

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