these love itself is full of warmth and pleasure during sex

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! The ancients called "sex sex", it is again appropriate but! Not only has the meaning of metaphor also get along swimmingly with each other, each other can not be separated from each other need. In terms of sex, sex is a confession of love, love is the premise, the first to have harmonious and sincere love, can have the satisfaction of.

pursuit of change, want to try new couples in the cities, may wish to try the following methods when these tender caress, may bring the romantic passion for you! In fact, these love itself is full of warmth and pleasure during sex, there are a lot of extra points for.


1: the secret passion button

touch in the end there is no shortcut? Is it right? Find button lust of a woman’s body, can solve all the problems? And the recent upsurge of lust button in where? In the chest? Thigh? Or in a hidden deep inside the body of


men have to believe, when a woman chooses to open his own body in front of you, even if not love each other deeply, also must have a heart of trust. While men have to do, is to continue this trust in bed.

man the

psychological mystery lies in the love, is when you love someone, and feel the same person cherish you, care about you, feel that he (she) is not the same to you, he (she) is willing to discard their own happiness for you, this feeling strong happiness brought about by the feeling, is the key to open the flesh the. So, for most women, the most important passions button is not the body, but in the brain.

because you love her deeply, you will be so dedicated, careful caress, kiss, Tianyanruanyu, observing her, whether she liked to think. Her skin may actress camel is not as smooth as satin, D cup, chest size is not your obsession but, when you are immersed in the world of the two, you and she were lying together, you can hear each other’s heart, her cheeks flushed red, with a shy smile, hot body, willing to open for you, this happiness is special, the one and only.

you feel happy, more let her doubly feel, so want to pour out his own feeling, let her know that you cherish and care for her, you and she in how happy together, when her mind, her heart, completely submerged in the passion of love, will be in for love the natural open state, in this context, it becomes a secondary skills, great power of love will contribute to the desire, the peak will send you passion.


Secret 2: an unexpected

from the neck and chest, extending all the way to the lower abdomen, and then to the…… , she do not want to know your next step will be to get there, you don’t touch the route change? That this process and what romantic and fresh feeling at all, if >

appeared on the breast sag, because the shape resembles a dimple, so it is figuratively referred to as "dimple sign". This is because in the early lesions of breast cancer, breast internal appeared round or oval painless solitary small lump. Later, with the development of disease, tumor surrounding tissue appear reactive hyperplasia.

when tumor tissue infiltration into fibrous ligament continuous gland and skin (medical called "Cooper’s ligament"), it will cause the contraction of ligament. However, this increase is not as ligament together. The surface of the skin cancer tumor by distraction and depression, such as the formation of superficial skin sag, which is "dimple sign".

the early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment is the key to cure breast cancer. This requires women to enhance self health care consciousness, often self inspection of apricot. The specific method is: lying in bed, with the fingers and the palm surface touch the breast.


right hand left hand check, check the right. If you touch a single painless mass, and then have a look there is no "dimple sign". If the early "dimple sign" display is not clear, but the body is erect, the arms above the head, upper body forward, so that the breast ptosis, or hand raise breast, "depression can dimple sign" to see more clearly.

should be emphasized is that breast mass cannot be after the "dimple sign" treatment, because this is already in the middle of breast cancer. Therefore, in the presence of a painless mass make treatment is the best method of treatment.

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