this and when sexual life physiological changes related to breast. Sexual indifference or sexual life is harmonious

breast pain, many women have had the experience, or in through before or during pregnancy and so on. Possible reasons for the majority of women are not clear breast distending pain. The following Xiaobian tell you breast pain sense woman breast distending pain in general there are 6 types of.

, adolescent breast distending pain

general in 9 ~ occurred, at the age of 13 after menarche, the pain will go away.

two, premenstrual breast pain

there are many women in the pre menstrual breast fullness, hair hard, tenderness of the phenomenon; the person that weigh breast by a slight vibration or impact will the pain. This is due to premenstrual and increased the level of breast hyperplasia, breast edema caused by intergovernmental organizations. After the menstruation incoming tide, the above changes may be lost.

three, the sexual life after breast pain

this and when sexual life physiological changes related to breast. Sexual indifference or sexual life is harmonious, fail to satisfy, breast congestion, swollen not easily fade, or does not subside completely, persistent congestion make breast distending pain.

four, after the abortion breast pain

part of the female will appear the breast bilges painful after induced abortion phenomenon, this is because of a sudden interruption of pregnancy, hormone levels plummet, the newly developed breast suddenly stop growing, resulting in breast pain and breast pieces.

five, pregnancy breast pain

some of the women are pregnant at the time of about 40 days, because of the placenta, villi secretion of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, resulting in the breast increases, and produce breast pain, the person that weigh sustainable throughout pregnancy, do not require treatment.

six, postpartum breast pain

part of the female postpartum 3 ~ 7 days often appear breasts puffiness, induration, pain. This is mainly due to retention of breast lymphatic, venous filling and interstitial edema and poor caused by mammary duct.

women do not have heavy-hearted, as these symptoms but, for a long time not seen to ease pain, and even more serious, or touch the breast, we found that there are uneven, the edge is not clear, when the activity of the poor masses, should go to the hospital early diagnosis.


premenstrual breast pain: disease of Department of gynaecology signal

experts: Premenstrual soon appear breast pain, breast distending pain appeared after menstruation clean or after ovulation, underwear or touch will be pain, this kind of phenomenon is belong to the sick, it is easy to generate a gynecological diseases, such as infertility and breast tumor.

of premenstrual breast tenderness is an early and important signal of gynecological disease. Strictly speaking, female breast is a part of the reproductive system, affected by estrogen and progesterone in the great.

if the disorder occurs at some stage in the body’s endocrine system or ovarian function, will have an impact on the menstrual cycle and the breast tissue, resulting in a series of disease >

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