through the wet tongue

love frequency change position adverse
as female

a lot of life considerate lover, means with superb skills earned her skills misunderstanding, it is not good for women.

skills is not the more the better

skills refers to the full understanding of male and female physiological structure, master how to smoothly sexual life, and enhanced sex pleasure techniques, mainly including the caress, hug, sex, body position and other related content. Between husband and wife the proper use of skills will have a beneficial effect. But first, both sides must really have demand, otherwise, too many skills of sexual life not only infringes other’s dignity, but also cause psychological harm. Secondly, the feelings of husband and wife is better, both knowledge and attitude levels close to, otherwise it will produce undesirable effect. Finally, techniques must be scientific, safe, practical.

frequent replacement is not good


would also like to remind is, things, too much of a good thing. Too much emphasis on skills, will weaken and love between href= "

The following are some of the women

vaginal dry love techniques, can make men and women enjoy more top sex .

first, you can use your tongue to lick each other’s body, through the wet tongue, from the ears to the heel to the other side of the brush once, let partners in dumb in the experience of offbeat massage taste.

uses your breath mutual collocation, sucking her ears, fingers and toes, nipple, use the tip of the tongue in the suction action to lubrication, it will let the woman’s lower body more humid, make the man more excited. Two people in to kiss, his tongue into the other side of the mouth moving pat, can often make more effort to kiss.


dry the body lack of tender of temptation, is the companion wipe baby oil or body lotion, except by the process of painting, improve skin texture, can also adjust the touch touch, let a woman more shining and moving.

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