thyroid hormone can accelerate the blood circulation of the skin

winter women dysmenorrhea is high season, get rid of dysmenorrhea of women is not a small test, especially those of cold palace women. Gong Han how to recuperate? Winter how to get rid of dysmenorrhea? 39 Health Network editing detail for you.

winter palace cold dysmenorrhea do pick up conditioning remember this 4 point


palace cold will cause dysmenorrhoea?

many people are aware that there is a very important relationship between the winter palace with dysmenorrhea, exactly what relationship it is? The most cold-blooded woman reproductive system, lower body catch cold lead directly to the female palace cold, cause dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet, and even cause disease of Department of gynaecology pelvic inflammation, endometriosis. According to statistics, each winter, dysmenorrhea patients will be increased.

uterine cold, cold effect on blood vessels make vasoconstriction narrowing, chill on the blood to make the blood slowly, under the dual role to make blood run suffocate suffocate, will the pain, as said above, the blood runs sluggish (qi stagnation and blood stasis), no pain; but after clot eduction, will alleviate dysmenorrhea, or in dysmenorrhea, apply a hot water bottle belly (heat let the blood run better), dysmenorrhea will also reduce, which is called the general does not hurt.

1 cold house how to recuperate? The warmth of the most important

under normal circumstances, shedding of the endometrium was fragmented with the blood from the vaginal discharge in vitro, by the cold stimulation, endometrial will become big shape, massive discharge, thus the emergence of paroxysmal severe abdominal pain. Therefore, the cold is the dysmenorrhea "catalyst", into the winter, female menstrual warm is more important.

first, clothes can not be too thin. Especially in the menstrual period, more attention should be paid to keep warm. In order to facilitate improved systemic and uterine blood flow. Secondly, to enhance physical exercise. Enhance physical fitness, enhance the ability to adapt to the human body to cold. Adhere to the feet with hot water every day, to prevent "cold from the foot".

2 cold house how to recuperate? Eat warm food

cold will affect the urinary system of human body, so that the increased urination, a large amount of sodium, potassium, calcium and other minerals with the urine, therefore also appropriate to add. At the same time, iron can significantly enhance the body’s cold resistant ability, can consciously increase the high iron content of food intake, such as animal liver, lean meat, spinach, egg yolk, etc..

in addition, thyroid hormone can accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, cold cold. Eat iodine rich foods can promote the secretion of thyroid hormone. There are many actually can keep out the cold food, such as mutton, walnut, chestnut, dried longan, sesame seeds, fungus, carrots, cabbage, rice, milk, kelp, spinach. Chills people can eat some pork ribs and turnip soup, carrot, radish, sweet and sour hairtail stewed mutton, beef tendon cooker and so on, both nourishing and can play the role of cold.

3 cold house how to recuperate? Appropriate exercise can alleviate

usually appropriate exercise is beneficial to alleviate dysmenorrhea. Do everything in one’s power often participate in some physical exercise and outdoor activities (daily for at least.

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