to bring two long-distance train sleeper tickets

          bold people: at


          in a romantic midnight, with the beloved girl, to an adult cinema to see a midnight movie. With there secretly Dengying, ambiguous ambience and atmosphere, but also the surrounding unfamiliar faces, jump restless and longing heart.

          when the midnight scene lens, then have a look you to be on tenterhooks body. May wish to seize the opportunity, in the darkness of the theater, the attack on her / him, because in the " a " in the night, with deep, why not put down the usual prudish or really Mensao, tight on the original " " spring, thoroughly and have a good time?

          wild man: at the roof

          factor had a restless bones existed, the more it is in " the room " heart in " the roof ". This kind of wild, the most suitable person is open love , so the roof is your best choice.

          but the need to pay attention to is, if your roof in the open area is just, as in between the buildings, their buildings and not the highest, that in order not to " ", was quickly for a place!

          frowsty coquettish man:

in the car.

          take a lover, to bring two long-distance train sleeper tickets, there will be amazing sex to oh. Maybe the excited heart couldn’t restrain, at this time, you can not help but sad Mimi climbed the other bed, preheating in the warm quilt. The slightly swaying coach, that twittering sound and train " bang when the bang when " interleaving sound, when uncertain a melodious whistle, the special effects will certainly be able to give you the stimulation of run.

          brilliant >

        sex techniques include coitus skills, promote the three aspects of climax skills and ancient fangzhongshu the related skills .

coitus skills are three basic techniques:

the piston movement: > the vagina twitch back and forth, general for women low frequency tic very interested, it excited excitement, and the high-speed tic easily driven couples into the orgasm . Sui and Tang Dynasties in China the real secret of "jade" an introductory statement of the skill, summed up in four words 16 words, namely "nine shallow depth, left three, right three, leech landing, eels stranded", in fact is a piston movement, the performance of Chun Li to spraying. Mean tic, first under nine shallow drainage, forward deep inserted, and then on the left and the right lateral wall of the vagina to tic friction under three, and then up and down rhythmically tic, such as eels in shallow water is spiral creeping forward. This action allows couples get great pleasure in " life .

the rotary movement: that is, when the penis into the vagina, draw a circle with waist skills, rotary motion. This method is suitable for the female superior, can be used by couples in rotation operation. The advantage of this method is two people close together, help Yin root strong stimulation of the clitoris, >

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