rumor: [shave can cause breast cancer] because armpit sweat from the armpit hair will not help, because the toxin exclusion is hampered by toxins stored in the lymph nodes, thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer incidence in the axillary region is caused by the most.

the truth: summer approaching, many girls will choose to shave, because in their opinion vest out of lush green under the armpit is unacceptable. But the network has spread of "shave can cause breast cancer", the warning on the face of it good, but as long as careful analysis is not difficult to find that it is full of loopholes.

detox? And perspiration are completely unrelated to


a lot of rumors modus operandi is first proposed a false premise, and then use the seemingly correct logical reasoning to a false conclusion, for example this rumor was first identified "perspiration blocked leads to detoxification blocked, ultimately lead to cancer".

is very difficult to "Detox" to find a suitable definition in modern medicine. If the carcinogenic substance that is "poison", then most of the toxins in our body are made of blood to the liver or kidney metabolic clearance. These "toxic" or via the feces from the bile and excreted through urine. The rumors mentioned in the "rear knee joint, ears, armpits and other major detoxification area" is really impossible.

in addition to liver and kidney, lymph node is responsible for the eradication of bacteria or other pathogens in the body, but also can remove some of the health hazard substance. But the lymph node clearance mechanism "toxins" sweating but not immune mediated, metabolites through lymphatic return ultimately into the blood system. In fact, lymph node does not directly connected with sweat. Sweat glands present on the skin, rather than in lymph nodes.

is a physiological process of normal human sweat, it can regulate body temperature, keep skin moist, and a very small amount of metabolic waste discharge. But more sweat is about 99% water, the remaining few part of the solute include minerals, lactic acid, urea and other trace metabolites. Most of these solutes derived from plasma, but the concentration far below the urine, so the so-called "detoxification" sweating the role is very limited, local perspiration hindered it is difficult to have a significant impact on the human body metabolism.

was holding perspiration? Shave innocence

"shave makes the perspiration blocked" is another "fact recognized in rumors". But in fact, from the hair follicle structure (see below) is not difficult to find, shave and does not affect the structure of the sweat glands, sweat will not hinder.


consists of eccrine sweat gland sweat glands and apocrine gland two. The excretion of sweat glands throughout the body, direct opening in the skin surface, perspiration function and is independent of whether shave. Apocrine gland is distributed in the armpits, genitals, areola, opening and is communicated with the hair follicles, sweat secretion relatively thick, the secretion of the skin surface in the bacteria will >

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