two hands gently grasp both sides of the breast

woman wants a large breasts, a variety of useful breast cream, do plastic surgery…… But with some difficulty, do not do no good. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine sorting out some massage method, may wish to try, let breast operation in the fingers, can effective easily. Come and try


tight chest muscles

1, put his hands on the armpit, along the periphery circular massage breast.

2, both hands from the breast below respectively to the left and right two party pulling upward, up until the clavicle position.

3, hands on the areola above the upward spiral massage.

4, repeat 8-10 times for each movement.

efficacy: compactness chest muscles, strengthen the support force, let your chest more and more pretty.

to stimulate breast tissue

1, the fingers of both hands, around the entire breast tissue, each time for 3 seconds.

2, hands open, respectively, from the cleavage at the parallel push down until the breast periphery.

3, in between doing double the figure 8 massage.

4 and twenty repetitions of each exercise.

function: to stimulate breast tissue, so that the breast grow up.

pulled the chest curve

1, the body straight, raised his right hand, straight up, right down the stretch.

2, lasts five seconds later, for extending his left hand left foot, body straight.

3, turn around and stretch for about five times each.

4, repeat 8-10 times for each movement.

efficacy: fully straightened armpit to the lungs of chest muscle, stimulate breast, pulled the chest curve.

will not flabby bust

1, from the breast center began to circle, up until the clavicle office.

began in 2, from the breast in order to draw a small circle of foreign aid, the way to do spiral massage.

3, two hands gently grasp both sides of the breast, to gently pull, but don’t squeeze too hard.

4, repeat 8-10 times for each movement.

features: will not flabby bust.

(Intern editor: Deng Yongqi)

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