under the bust is poor

adds the charm of women breast breast for us, also make many people tortured. We call it straight, want it to its full, sexy, beautiful shape to it……

is wearing a bra more than 10 hours a day are more likely to get breast cancer

verification points out, 80% of the world’s women every day wearing inappropriate bra. Fabric, cups, shoulder straps on the heart, chest elastic belt, steel wire, back hook, adjusting ring, strip, about wings, decorative flowers, suture, lace…… Almost every woman are in daily use bra, to go into the small parts of dense that the above said to walk every day.

do not wear bras more comfortable and comfortable, but in order to be beautiful, can not wear — than some knives, wearing a bra is not what.

but the clinical findings: women who wear a bra every day for more than 8 hours on the probability of breast disease is two times that of the others. Found incomplete statistics hospital breast clinic, 25-45 year old women, every four people have a different degree of suffering from breast disease, breast cancer incidence anxious more is on the rise.

the bra can not shirk, guilt, especially check found 80% of women wearing improper bras and not even know it.

understanding of their size:

bra size is a combination of the bust size and bra cup code for the code, under the bust is poor, such as the difference is about 10cm to A cup, 12. 5cm B 15cm C cup, cup, and so on. If your chest is on 83 cm, 74 cm under the bust, then, the right size for you is 75A.

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