using punching basket

Barnes continued single case James, and James Wong for the first time the impact of the ball completed steals. James in the first 2 shots were lost after find offensive feeling, using punching basket, jumper with 3 goals. Warriors also have strong firepower — clay Thompson before the game four and a half minutes 5 cast 4 scored 9 points and led the warriors leading 11-8. Erwin because of a knee injury from the finals, Della Vedova Sson was the starting point guard. After the opening of della continued anti paste curry, curry did not sell the first half of the day. But the first section of the middle of changes in manufacturing — sweet Alpert Klein – Thompson committed 2 end. Tristan – Thompson curry quickly opened to foul, penalty. Bogut is hereby made after Mo Gefu offensive fouls, this is Andrew Bogut playoffs to the 8th manufacturing opponents

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