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awesome sex position to share 10, when sex can reflect his power! The following experts as we talk about in detail ten to the force of sexual intercourse posture.


sexual intercourse posture, energy-saving



men’s face is lying down, legs straight flat. Women for men, fell on his knees on both sides, virtual sit on, hands touch the man’s body. Male inserted, i.e. swing, stimulate the female clitoris Yudi (Qin Xian), a circular move, as the West sha. In the women’s pleasure of hyperthyroidism, fluid outflow as the spring general, happy Xin Le, light up with pleasure, to achieve " after the cessation of movement climax.


woman in Quxi lowers the head, the body active, rocking and swaying, slow dance, vulva stimulation phallus, don’t be rude and too fast, if not careful, will often make it or break slip out of pain, so the female must act carefully, like a delicate beauty in the gurgling stream gently in the rinse clothes, gentle and considerate, it was this name. Take this posture, man besides hands Fuzhu woman’s buttocks, can be arbitrarily touch the women’s body

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, while the women have changed from passive to active, mentally have a strange feeling, each action skilled, will feel more stimulating, enjoyable. Now there are many couples are often used in fuses the position.



, sexual intercourse posture face


both sides of male and female opposite stand, according to height differences between two people, women need to be at the foot pad something else, in order to facilitate copulation is appropriate. This poses the biggest advantage is not subject to local conditions, or in the willow whirling in the woods; or in the dim moonlight bridge, or in the mist in the bathroom…… In addition, the fuses, for both men and women are not from each other’s pressure, >

according to the British "Daily Mail" reported, "American epidemiology magazine" published a new Canadian study found, the daily average of the sun for 3 hours, can make the breast cancer risk reduction of 50%.

latest research results, more than 10 years old when the weekly contact solar UV at least 21 hours of participants, contact solar ultraviolet radiation is less than 1 hours per week to reduce the risk of cancer than people, 29%. At the age of thirty or forty outdoor activities for the longest time, breast cancer risk decreased by 26%, to accept the most sunshine over the age of 60 participants, 50% lower risk of breast cancer.

sun why will reduce breast cancer? The researchers analyzed pointed out, although the deep fat fish, milk and egg and other food containing vitamin D, but about 90% of the vitamin D is caused by skin contact with UV rays of the sun.

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number of laboratory tests, breast cells can convert vitamin D into a hormone with anticancer properties. USA professor at the University of California, San Diego Cedric? Garland explains professor said in the report, adult daily intake of 2000 to 4000 international units (1 international units of vitamin D is equivalent to 0.025 micrograms) of vitamin D can make the metabolite of vitamin D in the blood is maintained at a constant level, thereby significantly reduce the risk of some diseases, including breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes.

in addition, the experts also suggest, 40 to 54 year old female best every 18 months during a screening mammography, 55 years old, every two years.

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