viscera state of

woman’s chest is not only beautiful is also a symbol of health to reflect, but most people only know the size of the chest showed a woman’s charm, but few of them have the chest with the health and quality of life together. Often a small chest, outline, sagging, hyperplasia and so on are caused by physical condition, especially the small chest of this situation, not only influence the quality of life of husband and wife, female charm, small chest also remind female organs can be!

1, viscera state of

chest dysplasia, that deficiency of kidney yin, deficiency of Qi and blood. If the areola black, hyperplasia showed the weakness of spleen and stomach, digestion, absorption, transformation is not enough, metabolic ability. In addition, liver blood shortage will lead to menstrual quantity is not much, uterine blood supply is insufficient, lack of Qi and blood Ruyang chest self will, it is not up to the full effect.

2, feminine charm to reduce

woman’s chest is the physiological characteristics of the largest, small breasted women will have inferiority complex, how could there be no breasts have a woman should have the capital, more do not talk about women charm.

3, affect the quality of life of husband and wife

small chest woman sexual life is not easy to reach a climax, breast sensitivity is based on breast health on, think, shrivelled breast, how can have the feeling? If you want to run a healthy and harmonious family, women still have to start from the breast.

4, is likely to develop breast disease

chest fullness fit woman often has breast disease risks, hyperplasia, nodules, fibroma, breast cancer can occur in the healthy chest. In recent years, Chen Xiaoxu, died of breast cancer, let a person regret, this should be the Fenghua age, but because of breast disease leave early, therefore the woman don’t underestimate disease of breast, breast chest protector to raise awareness, often massage the chest, cherish their own chest, to make healthy women.

(Editor: Teng Xiaolan editorial Intern: Southern floral Xia)

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