want to have beautiful and healthy chest

beautiful plump chest is every woman’s pursuit of perfection, and breast, the topic of the breast has been a hot topic in the market, to beautify the chest contour products has always been the hot selling products, even know augmentation has many side effects, women still care.

The importance of

visible breast in women with high. In fact, want to have beautiful and healthy chest, usually need to pay attention to health care and maintenance in life.

1 self massage for pushing wave want breast shape more firm and elastic, or small chest upgrade, Bella put forward two corresponding countermeasures Lahti and plump. Select the appropriate skin care products with self massage, so that breast

multiplier effect!

lifting type perfect breast is the first step in not having drooping,

relaxation condition!

in fact, breast position and elasticity is the neck to the chest at the bottom of the whole piece of skin tissue fixed. But the chest have weight, will and aging due to aging, in order to provide better support, many manufacturers have introduced add tight relaxation factor products against the chest. This also explains why such products after cleaning will be tight, like a layer of transparent pulling film to help maintain breast shape compactness.

full breast is the size of the amount of fat ball and decide, but the central sphere surrounded by fat breast, can provide nutrition and breast development indispensable hormones. The past help Fengrun type of breast composition of main heavy can stimulate the breast, rich in estrogen hops, yam, GE Gonggen, current research and development update for the increase in adipose tissue, so that the chest volume to change, and collaborative before ingredients promote breast shape more full.

2 to help him build Gou LAN chest chest if shape is beautiful, large and small size is not the only key. But many women still want to create sexy cleavage, then please use breast underwear, props, get back to the escape of a small fleshy, create V channel more deep, concentrated.

build Gou underwear wants to achieve more concentrated effect, suggest 3/4 cup and W type steel ring most coated. But it is the chest type according to everyone’s different choice, in the introduction of a concentrated, full effectiveness made ditch underwear.

breast props always with novel, interesting Japanese manufacturers introduced many famous sculpture type chest, perfect camouflage goods, let small breasts can also develop chest type concentrated round.

coup need immediate modification, try wearing a corset pulling beauty, or bright powder manufacturing round brush on the feeling in the chest, experience immediately raise one cup big chest machine.

(Intern editor: Deng Yongqi)

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