wearing the wrong bra

USA cancer research center survey on the relationship between wear bras for too long and breast cancer is the result of long time, bra wearing tighten chest is negative breast care, its reason from two aspects, one is not wearing the right bra, two is to wear a long time.

no matter what your breast fullness or flat out such as aircraft Ping, are required to wear a bra, which is not only a kind of protection, is also a kind of beauty, but the wear is not correct, wearing the wrong bra, may bring out the disease to


long time wearing a bra can cause breast cancer

1, wearing more than 12 hours, induced breast cancer rate of up to 75%

every day wearing more than 12 hours, causing breast cancer rate of up to 75%. So if at home or non public to try not to wear the bra, which is good for prevention of breast cancer. Recently, the Shanghai women’s disease Rehabilitation Commission released a new survey, survey, 79.3% of women wear the city bra inappropriate.

is mainly manifested in: long time wear, bra too tight and not adjusted. Clinical statistics also found that wearing a bra, every day more than 10 hours to develop breast disease, and the probability is two times that of the others. Also inappropriate to wear bra may also cause health problems as follows.

2, long time wearing a bra can cause breast cancer

this research was USA National Cancer Institute recognized spokesman, and with the network spread to the domestic each big website, let women especially the occupation female frightened: more than 12 hours a day or more in public is commonplace, whether it is wearing a bra is good or not wear?

is not a good bra:

of middle-aged women think, they have been the concern of the breast beautiful age, the most important to keep healthy. So it is advisable, do not wear a bra to wear heavy clothes in the autumn and winter, spring and summer season also try to choose a thin bra those relaxed freely, not strong binding, home immediately removed.

a good bra:

young women think, breast shape is very important for women, in order to maintain a good breast shape, bra is essential. Moreover, this is just to make the cancer risk a little higher, take this a little bit of risk and better than the chest, the latter is certainly important.

3, bra straps tight, breast compression

straps are too tight in addition to cause shoulder discomfort, but also let the bra bra bottom up, now fixed rate care are steel, so if the bra on the move, the harder steel support can oppress mammary tissue, if the girls in the movement, the bra on the move, must be timely adjust underwear.

4, bra wearing inappropriate affect the lymphatic flow

a lot of women in wear will shift focus from outside to inside breast movement, results quite and beautiful breast shape, but the effect of lymphatic return, delaying The new supersedes the old., increased milk >

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