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hand friction thymus 200 times a day. The thymus from the neck under the collarbone between the bottom of the depression about four fingers wide distance. Grip hollow straight back and forth on both sides of the friction in the thymus can enhance the body immunity.

Then what good woman chest


in fact, most women have fiber cyst, but often that is because many people know cyst is a common problem, so even if feel cyst is not so hard, but the fiber cyst with benign, malignant, is also very easy to confuse and mastitis, breast cancer, plus, because common see more, will gradually to pay no heed, say so, fiber cyst never can ignore the situation, take care of yourself, you should have the courage to face their problems, don’t because of shyness and fear.

touch detection health



standing, his arms hanging on both sides, to observe the breast shape, arc profile normal whether becomes irregular, there is no peel like pits, or have a small lacunae, extrusion when there is no liquid from the nipple overflow.

2, company

first touch the breast, and then touch the arm, with the middle finger and index finger, along a direction of a comprehensive examination of breast.

3, decubitus inspection

lying in bed, with the nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction close to the skin to do circular massage. Check the force should be uniform, with fingers can contact to frame is appropriate.

4, will the right arm put

under his head

arm below the breast tissue will move to the center of the chest, right breast with his left hand to check whether there is mass, touch a little hard, so your hands will be more close to the breast tissue and more easily touch. Methods to examine the left breast.

in addition to regular customers, but also to let friends and loved ones to help you touch, may rummage not regular, more can find problems.

by others "feel the chest" what are the benefits of


many women have such a misunderstanding, think breast masses appear but not hurt does not itch is no problem, only feel pain just may be the problem, but in gynecological expert opinion, do not ache not to itch more can’t let down the breast masses.

painless breast lump happens to be one of the characteristics of breast cancer, so must not be taken lightly. In general, inflammation caused by breast lump can be accompanied by localized swelling and thermal expansion and proliferation of mass has characteristics of premenstrual pain, and breast cancer mass in the early no obvious pain, not even feeling, only to the late local skin ulceration occurs when pain symptoms, but this time often late already.

so, let friends and loved ones to help you feel, if can touch the perfunctory masses, then don’t lucky enough to think is a benign cyst, it is probably the first warning breast small bomb — breast cancer to you out of.

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