when she was ready

sex , think of a way to altruistic egoism. In order to make you no longer wish dissatisfaction, also let between you and your partner sex relationship is more beautiful, the following method is worth a try.

if you are willing to explore together each other senses, then, massage will take you into the game update limbs and sex space, let the relationship becomes more rich. You should remember, in the days of fall in love, you like to kiss as frequent exchange caress. But, once established specific relationship, that is very health and mutual feedback relationship, life will often lack the romantic feeling of excitement and passion of mutual feedback. Yes, in our society, many couples have lost precise touch each other, also ignore the middle ground is vast in the handshake between href= and love , and in the middle zone of the move is can make us more intimate, more to promote sex appeal, and love between the massage is the intermediate zone is worth a try. In mutual massage before, let us first tell you about the physical senses of little secret, there are a lot of pleasure point is you have not developed or to pay no heed to the US, here emphasized the pleasure point may be due to exposure to or caressing little, so is quite sensitive to touch oh! 12 pleasure point:

– and gently massage for breast will have strong sexual pleasure and.

– the nipple have responded to the gentle caress, increase sexual arousal.

– lip and mouth to touch is very sensitive, can increase the sexy .

– massage abdomen will have a relaxing effect, the elevation of reaction and look forward to.

– massage medial thigh except can slow down the sexual tension, but also help the sexy smooth.

– touch earlobe can quickly convey sexy stimulation and pleasure.


let the woman one hundred percent of climax skills: private massage.


a finger gently into her Yin households, when she was ready, and then insert another root. Will your thumb against the door of her gang, but don’t plug in, but your side activities in Yin households in the fingers, the side with the thumb strong according to the place.

Keep at arm ‘s length

if your woman has a sensitive point eager to be licking and touch, so it around activities, try not to touch this point (unless occasionally encounter one or two times). This can let her try to drag after orgasm, but once the final climax comes, it will be a strong times than usual climax.

yin lip massage

will hands placed on lip Yin complete lubrication after the above, the fingers toward the direction of rubbing buttocks, to the navel, with alternate hands. Now use your fingers to explore inside and outside Yin lips. Gently pulling one side, then the other side. The use of the fingers and thumb rubbing her Yin lips gently, then within the Yin lip.

will index finger into her Yin, the thumbs – up stick Yin pedicle, now you can make meaning of imagination, do all kinds of drawing and inserting, twist action, you can even the vibrations to stimulate her palm.

The mysterious


women’s cervical usually over her Yin tract, it feels a bit like the dome of the thin tissue, sometimes central will have a small crack, like chin. Be careful in stimulating cervical of the surrounding area, which she will be very welcome, hope you so often, but there are exceptions.

lift your veil

yin pedicle is a special organ, it than any part of men’s Yin stem are much more sensitive, you can’t be careless with rough hand to caress there. Gently push and pull cover the Yin pedicle on the hijab, across the Yin lip friction can reduce caused by rough too much pain, and bring comfortable.

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