which accumulated 23 offensive rebounds

Knight God four games 23 offensive boards for nearly 30 years only sharks Dachong Tencent sports June 14 news rebound has always been regarded as the lifeblood of the team, and in the Cavaliers have a game and the man of God, according to ESPN news, Cleveland’s vanguard Tristan Thompson in the finals four games combined gauge catch 23 offensive rebounds, in the recent 30 years only Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Rodman was stronger than he. Thompson – Tristan in the finals in the first four games in a total of 23 offensive rebounds in the game, Thompson in the basket full display of their value, in the first four games, Thompson field can get 13.8 rebounds, which accumulated 23 offensive rebounds, such data is really amazing, after all, in the last 30 years, only two people can do this, one is O’neal (micro blog), the other is Rodman. In the 2000-01 finals, O’neal grabbed 25 offensive rebounds in the first four games, the whole world finals five games a total of 31 offensive rebounds, showing a strong basket under the domination. And as the former rebounds, Rodman in the 1995-96 season finals four finals in the same race to grab 25 offensive rebounds, the whole series of games together to grab 41 offensive rebounds. To compare with the above two historical figures, Thompson does have some attractions, it is worth mentioning, Thompson has been the rodman as their idols, and teammate James Jones is Thompson’s strong performance impressed. "You have to ask Thompson, he will tell you, Rodman is very tough, I have seen Rodman play, but I can see Thompson play, so I prefer him. I think Thompson has a natural condition, but he wants to be a player like him." Jones said. Thompson on the field at all times maintain a positive attitude. He even snatching a rebound to hesitate to flutter into the audience, while data prove that the backboard data quality has become the vane of Knight record. In the playoffs, when Cleveland in total rebounds over the hand and their record 12 wins and 1 negative, as the team restricted guardian, Thompson is undoubtedly a key figure in the team, the next game, he will also strive to continue the magic performance and energy for the Cavs. (cat bear)

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