which has disadvantages

lovers, between which the dominant party, which has disadvantages, in the end is determined by what? The following 6 aspects, can help you see


you to do things themselves?

if you dare to in no boyfriend accompanied to go to Tibet tourism, that no man dares to despise you! You who distributed the unruly and find the courage to let the men feel that he can’t control you, so he will not easily before you make.

life arranged by who?

if your daily living all by him to arrange, your relationship from the end is not far away. Friends to the wedding, you should prepare some gifts home what? DVD don’t read the disk, who call the repair department? Dine out who to order? Don’t look down upon these trivial life, only a clear minded talents can put all these arrangements have to be arranged in good order, fun. In the middle of a pair of lovers, who left these trifles, who have more good ideas, who in two personal relationships play a leading role. And the comfortable, if worry about people had to be others command.


appointment initiative by who?

under normal circumstances, once a week have spent several nights and her boyfriend for you? The way how to determine the date you? Are you always ask him?

if your weekly active about his time more than 3 times, then listen to me, cut cut at least 2 times. The man’s bones have "Hunter" nature, he wanted to take the initiative to chase rather than prey was. Even in the stable period of two personal communication, every date by you initiate will let him gradually forget oneself.

you have your own social circle?As his "gummy" you be most willing to

love, this is not a good thing. To single you have been loved by someone in the desire, the man put the girl called "chewing gum". Weekend overtime cannot accompany her boyfriend will make her sad tears Lian lian. This girl does arouse man’s compassion, but must pay attention, this is when he is in a good mood. If it is to catch up with him in a bad mood, he would throw some make you sad words.

do not have their own social circle, all parties are followed him in, sat beside him and listen to him talk with eloquence, you don’t blame him for you to order people about by arrogant. He’ll think you’re not independent, and counting on you as a burden to his.

the weekend is coming, the two of you who received the call more? If you are, or close, very good, your boyfriend at least know you have your own circle of friends, without him, you can also have a very happy person, he may temporarily not too happy, but for a long time, he will more respect for people.

your confidence?

if you looks not exquisite, at least you have a graceful figure; if not graceful figure, at least you have wit and humor; if you are not wise enough, at least you have a good heart and mood, each a >

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