wife honeymoon I found

a Qantas on female staff from Melbourne to Losangeles flight America. She is in the business class and a male passenger sitting together, drink a few glasses of champagne and talked happily. When the cabin lights dimmed, the two began to love . Although two people to the blanket over the body, but still be business class passengers found other complaints, and. So someone just made below.

              wife honeymoon I found life ‘s wife is always very passive, she saw me like a burning flame of passion, you know how much I love her, needed her so much, he always grateful I return feeling, comply with my request gently, no matter how I do, she always fit perfectly, I really can not be moved.

              but I don’t understand, why she never could not restrain sexual impulses? I think this is because she is not fit to sexual life. Over the past few months, over the past year, I look forward to " climax did not appear on her. Does she don’t love me? When I asked, she very wronged, tears streaming down. I know I used to, hurriedly say sorry to her. My wife is so love me, from life to emotionally, wrapped around wrapped rains and there is no sign of sweet of cold , she is definitely not a conservative woman, to instill in me the knowledge of all can accept, but she asked me what call

            I am not willing to, can’t I use their own seven feet tall on the bold and vigorous, excited wife instinct, that his wife enjoy orgasm fun? I try to pose and a variety of methods, trying to grasp the time length, the speed and rhythm of the frequency, always get be used up, his wife also very sorry. But I still see her face dull expression, no physiological response, she said she did not feel a little stimulation. I’m still not discouraged, read a lot of books, with another method >

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