will be the day of the situation to her lingering.

Position behind method and its application

women will erect penis is inserted into the waist to help, different angle will be a different feeling!

behind asana and normal position method for the same, but the female is lying. Men and normal position method for the same, the hand will be their props up, from behind the penis into the female. Because the inserted angle, makes the movement is not very smooth, but the cause is different from face-to-face asana with pleasure.

this asana penis and vagina in rectangular case, combined with the situation is not very shallow, if the penis is very short or not fully erect, not easy to insert or slip out of the vagina. Therefore, the woman must leave should be tilted back hip as far as possible, make the vagina and penis appears level. Might as well in the abdomen pillow soft things, to help you with your asses, at this time, men use their own pubic do joint work. And in the movement, caressing the work, especially the back and flanks and rib.

knee elbow pay position method and its application

knee elbow pay position method is also called action position method. In a few kinds of postures, is one of the most exciting position method. The female half down, male penis after insertion from, this can not help reminiscent of animal sex, so many women reject this method.

method is female hips up as far as possible, the male can therefore see weekdays not easily see female anus and the labia majora, can get a visual delight and pleasure. From up in the rear haunches, men with half a body position side entry points whereby women’s waist, force the insertion of the penis. After the combination, can be carried out before and after, left and right, oblique, rotary motion.

in the progressive movement, remember not to stop the caressing movement. In short, the male sports more than happy, while women from breast and clitoral stimulation to get pleasure. This asana, also easy to cause the asana pregnant.

energy-saving method and its application: good for pregnant foreplay gently insert

posterior asana is both men and women are lying on the side, and the female from behind accept insertion of penis. Methods male to female is from behind hugging each other, if in the right side, left hand can freely, so be gentle caress female’s neck, abdomen. Because this asana, do not allow women to participate actively, but to fully accept the man caress increase pleasure. Foreplay after, the penis is inserted into the vagina, to slowly inserted, in order to turn the upper body slightly, will leave the woman.

male location can be decided with depth and motion degree, if is still inadequate, men can use the right buttock lift the upper body, with the left hand holding the female thigh position, can make the combination of deeper, more satisfied.


sexual behavior is not just a physical expression of joy, is a basic way of its own. You in the bedroom when how to action, how to react, how to experience, reflect how you look at themselves and their partners. Understand women want need to improve the marital relationship, improve the quality of life is meaningful.

first, before getting along.


woman, is to meet the man of the moment, or the moment a man meet. The woman in the love , will be the day of the situation to her lingering.

The end of the "

if a man is not with her in the affair and to flurried battle", then the first flowers to her! No money to buy a bouquet, buy a flower! Meeting gives a woman a small gift; spare some time, learn a lot of love stories which describe it, to accompany her to walk, chat, give a woman a any woman would love hug.

Voiceover: women need them, if not, the woman will be disgusted, unless she and the man is fundamentally a "transaction".

men, please take some time, before making love and romantic woman together, produce resonance with her sexual fantasies, so she put it all into you with sex .

second, prelude to the full.

fully Prelude prelude, must be very, very full. Many a man of dry, women haven’t excited, he spit slobber what point to replace the secretion of women, women can not objectionable?

even if a man can make her to

in the novel, there is often a man, to kiss the woman whole body description. In fact, the man does not need any sex, have to kiss the lady.

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