winter take a warm bath

everyone to take a shower, but ask yourself, you really will take a shower? Especially in the winter take a shower, how long wash time, temperature and how much the right and so on, are "hidden knowledge", many people may want to have never thought, more can’t know washed wrong bath will bring about what kind of consequences.

First "warm up"

take a shower before winter

and eat is the same reason, if drinking ice water immediately to drink hot water, threaded by a strong stimulus will be uncomfortable. If you enter the warm environment from the cold, hot water wash, wash immediately with, will stimulate the skin easily cause and aggravate skin ulceration. At this time, do not rush to take a shower, should adapt body warm environment, take a shower and shampoo.

take a shower in winter should not only follow the first wash your face and then wash shampoo wash last order, time also should begin from the foot washing. Because of the low temperature causes blood vessels in the state of contraction, warm water suddenly from head to head and body, will cause skin vascular sudden expansion, leading to heart, brain and other vital organs of severe ischemia, dizziness and chest tightness and other discomfort. First with hot water in the foot when the foot, warm, and then slowly his body with water, let the body there is a gradual process of adaptation.

Take a shower in winter should pay attention to control the temperature of

winter take a warm bath, can let the body warm up, so, a lot of people feel the water temperature is higher. In fact, take a shower water temperature should be close to body temperature, which is 37 DEG -40 DEG is appropriate.

temperature is too high, will be due to excessive energy consumption, but caused fatigue. The water temperature is too high will make the whole body skin blood capillary dilate, heart and brain blood flow reduction, hypoxia occurs. At the same time, the hot water will make the skin surface of the oil and normal parasitic in the wash protect colonies in the surface of the skin, the stratum corneum damage easily, cause and aggravate itching, symptoms such as dry.

take a shower in winter should not be too frequentThe sebum and sweat secretion of human

in winter to reduce sebum membrane, significantly reduced obviously, water loss. If then often take a shower, it is easy to damage the cuticle, epidermis damaged cause, cause the skin dry, relaxation, and even dry skin, pruritus symptoms appear.

in addition to the strong oil secretion of oily skin people can choose to take a shower take a shower every day, the frequency of neutral skin people should be controlled in a 2-3 day itself, and dry skin, dry skin people water, take a bath once a day is more suitable for 3-5. For every non take a shower can not be people, may be a local cleaning, or try to use clean water rinse, and then the next day Bath & Shower gel.

moisture type bath supplies, such as neutral bath, bath soap. After washing, if there is a slippery skin, do not represent clean force is not enough, but the product itself in the skin surface to form a protective film.

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