with all kinds of chemical fiber nylon fabric Lycra

woman, breast care to life, to keep healthy. These conditions are a few tricks to deceive the breast, don’t make.

tricks 1: neon



nylon lace

may be the problem: mastitis

with all kinds of chemical fiber nylon fabric Lycra, now looked stiff and many. But too much lace, nylon material contact with the skin, cause skin sensitive, and may even have a small head off into the papillary projections, entanglement jam lactiferous hole or the milk ducts, causing dysgalactia or formation of mastitis. High fever, chills, breast local harden, skin redness and swelling, tenderness and throbbing pain, sometimes the nipple may also discharge purulent liquid, are symptoms of mastitis.

tricks 2: operation


body, abuse of artificial abortion pill

may question: hyperplasia of mammary glands

after artificial abortion, pregnancy is suddenly interrupted, hormone levels plummet, so just breast development stopped growing, acinar became smaller and even disappear, breast reconstruction. But the recovery is often not completely, easy to induce breast lobular hyperplasia. Statistical data shows, breast disease by artificial abortion induced accounted for about 40% of the. While hormone ingredient individual birth control pills can also cause breast hyperplasia.

tricks 3: mood


body pressure, depressed

may be the problem: breast intraductal papilloma

Chinese called "mammary bleeding", think much of spleen deficiency and blood stagnation of liver fire hyperactivity or by induced, and the deficiency of the kidney yin, so milk orifices often can be extruded or exudative bloody fluid.

of breast intraductal papilloma good hair at 40 ~ 45 years old women. Small volume, tumor of soft, the pain is not obvious. Have a bloody nipple discharge outflow, once the hematocele discharge, masses are most often become smaller, the pain disappeared. But the masses have malignant potential, so early operation treatment.

tricks 4: action


body touch, violent

may be the problem:

breast cyst

breast very fragile, cannot treat them harshly. When the breast by the severe impact, small vessel within it will rupture, hemorrhage, hematoma formation after being so, absorption and destruction in the blood, it will form a cyst. Understanding not rude, good lactation method, proper health habits is also very important.

tricks 5: diet


, high calorie beverages Food

may be the problem:

breast lipoma

most like lipoma with high calorie and fat have edge, is one of the most common benign tumor of the body surface, can any parts of adipose tissue occurs in the body, but the breast is seen, the age of onset in 30 ~ 50 years old for more. >

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