with the development of oncology

breast symptoms and treatment of adverse opinion:

because of breast tissue in the body, so it is easy to check the body found early by self and their abnormal.

1, breast masses: usually appear in unilateral breast, hard texture, increased rapidly, can play, if the invasion and breast or chest wall is poor activity or fixed.

2, changes of the skin: the skin will cause specific skin changes of breast cancer invasion, with orange peel to describe the image; and a special type of breast cancer, mainly for inflammatory breast skin changes, skin color from light pink to dark red, accompanied by edema, thickening of the skin, surface temperatures, be composed of local extended to the whole breast.

3, papillary change: tumor invasion may cause nipple nipple. If the mass is larger, can cause the side of the breast enlargement, such that both sides can’t maintain the same level of nipple.

4, nipple discharge: if no obvious mass, just nipple bloody or liquid discharge should also be timely treatment, and alert the occurrence of breast cancer.

5, superficial lymph nodes: if it is found that the axillary, supraclavicular lymph nodes, especially hard, the activities of the poor (also can be active), should be suspected breast cancer may.


examination of

A.: finger touch, while fingering to fingertips together.

B. range: on both sides including below the collarbone, sternum midline, help bone line and axillary.

finally, with the thumb and index finger, gently pinch nipples check any discharge. If self check, found to have abnormal or suspected lump, please as soon as possible go to a doctor, then do further examination, do not delay, delay an illness.


women with obesity, earlier menarche, menopause late, there is a family history and other populations at high risk of developing breast cancer, such as the above findings should pay attention to.

The best time of

examination of breast is in the monthly menstruation just end (because menstruation before breast swelling and fragile compared), experts believe that this kind of examination should be done once a month, the best in each month of the same time. Checking and more convenient to be carried out in the shower, because the paint on the soap more easy to feel breast tissue.

with the development of oncology, awareness of breast cancer is more and more deep treatment, gradually perfect, the development of effective anticancer drugs, by operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy mode, make the breast cancer treatment effect is obviously improved, but the key of early diagnosis and treatment of early discovery is still best prognosis the. The data suggest that, if caught early, 95% breast cancer can be cured.

(Intern editor: He Lili)

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