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Howard 18 minutes 6 prisoners eat two t self trapped foul cage to blame – Sohu Sports & gt; & gt; shot data point of recording users commenting on the survey Beijing time on May 11, rocket and the clippers series against looks completely like is a cut of the shark tactics farce, small Jordan is very sad reminders of the, 34 penalty become NBA playoff history, the second highest record, but more sad is Howard, he even wants to cut the opportunity are not. In the first round of the NBA playoffs in the Third Battle of fierce competition, whether it is harden and Paul in the periphery of the battle of wits or Griffin in the raging inside, underlines the value of star where. However, Howard in this crucial battle, just 18 minutes to play six! So had been the center cut each tactics in the game is completely disappeared, basically "world of Warcraft" is a debut to face all the Clippers being foul trouble, this is also the rocket in the game completely the cause of the collapse. Howard although there is always a variety of problems, but he is no doubt the most outstanding of the current NBA center, but in the interior and the small Jordan fierce body collisions, Howard apparently lost his mind. The first section only played 3 minutes and 40 seconds of the time Howard ate a two foul, and the two foul is actually in the basket for a non ball foul, even if he was eating second foul extremely dissatisfied with the technical foul, but also to no avail. It is because of the foul in the body, let the Clippers seems to quickly find the breakthrough of Howard played down, next second quarter Howard debut, the Clippers that "free" with the cut Huo tactical, so tricky results Howard 6 in a penalty, but then there is the Clippers for offensive, Barnes breakthrough to the basket by Howard of the three fouls, so "world of Warcraft" only again fate rest. However, such a tragic fate did not end, after the beginning of the third played less than 4 minutes, Howard and received a fourth foul, the foul or because of their own, was blown foul! But the Rockets score behind not a choice only on the scalp to Howard to remain on the field, results in the third quarter hit the left 3 minutes 7 seconds of time Griffin storm caused Howard foul, "world of Warcraft" had once again the next. In the Rockets have a big score behind, Howard is still in the beginning stage of the fourth stage, Griffin did not give him a chance, at the end of the 52 minutes left when the attack hit into 2+1, resulting in Howard’s sixth foul. The whole game played extremely humbled Howard once again to the referee roar, the results of eating second technical foul. From Howard’s foul trap point of view, more time is to own, has 2 time no ball foul the 1 attack foul, completely can not be so passive. But the Rockets lose or let him unbearable, two technical fouls and cannot restore what, can let a person see him in the face to small Jordan helpless expression. (time)

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